Water Testing

Here at WTS we can do Onsite or Laboratory testing. The whole reason for testing is to find any harmful bacteria as well as viruses and legionella. 


- When do i need it checked?

       - You have a private supply (IE: Well, Borehole, Pond, Spring)

       - You have a problem with the taste, colour or odour of your drinking water

       - Routine Sanitary inspections from the council or environmental official

Our drinking water testing suite will confirm whether the drinking water in your building is likely to cause any significant effect on health or safety.

-Standard drinking water testing 

Include a combination of both microbial and chemical testing.  Which can be used to find out whether your drinking water is safe to be consumed or to tell you what measures need putting in place to sort the problem.

- Pipe Corrosion

Drinking water testing should also be considered in older buildings were corroded pipes may be an issue or where lead pipes may be present.


- Taste

If you have an issue with the taste, colour or odour of your drinking water we can arrange a drinking water test to check if there are any significant or obvious contaminants. 

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